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Weather protection while sailing. Hatch stays open and crew stays dry, unbeaten by spray.

Special Features

Made To Fit Your Boat

We take our measurements from your boat to ensure a perfect fit.

UV Proof Thread Used

Life of the thread equals that of the material. No re-stitching ever.


Durable long lasting though flexible window material used. Cover is also easily zipped on and off..

Robust Construction

Made to withstand the toughest of weather conditions, to ensure full usage!

No Extra Holes!

Existing fasteners used where possible, so no extra holes!

Extra features

Roll down windows, rear weather screen or grab bars and zip cockpit cover attachments all available!


Measure and fitted bespoke to your boat.

Made in yacht acrylic or WeatherMax canvas.

Stitched with 'Tenara' UV proof thread.

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