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WeatherMAX 80 150 cm Mist

WeatherMAX 80 150 cm Mist

1 Meter

WeatherMax 80 is a breathable, yet waterproof fabric. These qualities help to reduce dampness, heat build up, and condensation. Consequently, in doing this it helps prevent the presence of mould, mildrew and growth on top of the canvas work.


The colour pigmentation is physically embedded within the yarn, meaning the material offers superior colour consistency alongside additional qualities of strength when in direct sunlight. The yarn also allows the material to be stretched yet recover to the original shape and length, preventing any potential shrinking, or sagging of the material. 


WeatherMax 80 outperforms any other material similar, having twice the strength of standard  acrylic, alongside six times the durability in harsh weather conditions. When looking for the most reliable, long lasting and stable option for your canvas work, then Weather Max 80 should be your first choice.

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