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Cruiser Canopy


Full size canopy made to fit existing framework as original on such boats as; Regal/Bay liner/Windy etc.

No frames.. No problem. We make those too!


Special Features

Made To Fit Your Boat

We take our measurements from your boat to ensure a perfect fit.



Removeable or roll up side screens, Can be used with top only as a sunshade.

UV Proof Thread Used

Life of the thread equals that of the material. No re-stitching ever.

Fasteners Revised

Fittings replaced where needed.


A waterproof but breathable canvas is used to avoid build up of condensation.

Neat Stowage

Easily removeable from frame with zips or zip on stowage jackets supplied.



Sewn with "TENARA" thread.

Measured and fitted bespoke to boat.

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